Prayer for Conception within Marriage

by Christiana (San Francisco)

O St. Jude, Blessed Apostle and Special Friend of Jesus, please hear my prayer. I work to spread God’s light and mercy through my own actions and ask for you to use the special privileges accorded to you to bring speedy and visible help where help does not seem possible.

But we know all things are possible with God. So between you and the power of the Holy Trinity please allow the implanted embryos to have attached and begun their growth and my pregnancy. My husband and I have so much love to give and want to provide another generation to further illustrate God’s love for all his children.

We know God works in ways we are unable to fully understand but cling to the mystery of faith and offer our love and devotion to you in sincere and desperate prayers for conception of children. Regardless of results tomorrow, we know faith will guide us through but offer our whole hearts to you in hopes of being able to conceive. Amen.

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