Prayer for Conception and Healthy Pregnancy for 42-year-old

by CW (Brookfield, WI)

Dear Lord God,

Please have mercy on us and forgive any past resistance to wanting to conceive and bear a child. Yes, I’ve lived selfishly for other things. Now, please bless us with the gift of life. We are older, but all things are possible with You and Your Holy Will. Please Lord, grant us the miracle of a child who we will love and cherish. We promise to raise the little one to love You and Your Church above all else. Lord, I’m lonely and feel purposeless. All previously satisfying endeavors were short-lived. Now, I would like the long-term satisfaction of bearing life for Your Honor and Glory. Please Lord, lead us in this direction. We accept Your Holy Will, but if it’s not parenthood, then please give us Your Peace to accept it. I’m lonely and I don’t want anything else more. Lord, will You please have mercy on us? I ask this through the intercession of Mary, Joseph, and Pope John Paul II — in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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