Prayer for Conceiving Twins, in the month of October 2013

by Khanya (Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa)

Dear Lord,

Your are Holy and Sovereign and all good and precious gifts come from you. I pray that my husband and I can conceive twins, a boy and a girl by your divine intervention. You said ask and it shall be given unto you, you said whatever we ask your name we shall receive, I am thankful that you have heard our prayer… i thank you that you have granted unto us our beautiful children, to hold to love and that they may be created in your wonderful image!

I do not know anything else, i do not know anyone else, you are my everything my strong tower to whom i shall lean, to whom i shall cry! You have never failed me, you have never let me down, i know that you see my heart and i thank you for blessing us with your wonderful blessings thus far.

In the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ AMEN!!!

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