Prayer for Completion of Dissertatiion and Finances

Dear St Jude, helper of those with desperate cases. I pray to you to help me finish my concept paper, proposal, and dissertation. Let my latest submission be acceptable in thy sight and teachers sight. Forgive me the wrongs I have done or failed to do.

Touch those who have failed me and are blocking my way please St Jude unblock everything that has closed my way for schooling and my finances. I ask for a part time job to help cover the extra expenses I have in taking care of others handed to my care. Help me pay off all my student loans. Restore everything I lost when my house burned down.

Keep me close in my despair, fear, worry and depression. Help me dear St. Jude clear my schooling and dissertation path to completion. Restore my finances and assist me in finding work. Keep me humble and faithful and restore my trust in thy faithfulness and Gods goodness. Please help me speedily for I am in dire straits in school and finances.

I thank you and praise you for standing in the gap for me. I ask you to bless others that are in need and desperate like I am. Give us strength to persevere and wipe away our fears, worries, and tears so that we may come back and give thanks to you for your goodness and assistance.

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