Prayer for complete reconciliation and restoration of my marriage

by Timothy (Orange Couty Virgina)

Lord I pray that you would soften Connies heart. Reunite us as one, in us you have Taken 2 and made us one I ask that you would restore our marriage covenant. Lord I know that all things are possible through you I know that my word will not return to me void. my faith tells me that you will Grant the desire of my heart and restore my marriage. I know heavenly father that it is your will that we will be together forever. I ask you lord that you would work quickly in Connies heart. And that she would return swiftly, and that together her and I will live in your word, walk in your light and glorify you and mature in your word. And be a good loving Christian married couple, as was your will the moment you joined us together and made us one. in Jesus mighty name I pray that this prayer would be answered. and that you would hear the prayers of the other men and women who suffer this type of separation lead us all away from the path that leads to divorce and Deliver us back to Unity within our marriages amen.