Prayer for Companionship and Reconciliation (if it be God’s Will)

by Sophia (Malaysia)

My Father in Heaven,

Please hear and answer my plea. I loved the one you sent me 4 years ago wholeheartedly. But for the challenges he faced from his family, friends and within himself that led him to doubt Your love and thus, my love has led to us now being separated and very much in pain.

I have not mostly been your most obedient daughter and have not always placed You first in my heart. But You do know how much I do try to do Your Will in the situations I am in. Teach me and strengthen me now, O Lord so that my faith, love, joy and peace in You will increase. Remove the desire in my heart for my ex – if he is not the one You Will me to be with. But if he is, then please guide him to see and acknowledge Your Will. To have the strength and power to overcome the difficulties in his life to come closer to You and to me, Lord.

I sincerely desire a companion for my earthly heart and mind and being. Guide me to the partner whom he and I will eventually support each other to grow closer to You. Guide that if he and his family is not Catholic, that their hearts not be hardened against your mercy, love and compassion. Teach us how on each and every step we make.

When the relationship is founded, please guide that the 7 deadly sins along with fear and mistrust never be allowed to take root within. Pray that he and I will be surrounded by loving and holy people. Teach us explicitly on how we can become worthy and loving partners to each other. I make this prayer through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen!