Prayer for Communication, Love and Guidance

by Chelle (Austin)

O Heavenly Father, hear my prayer. Grant me the courage to be strong and strength to let my faith guide me through this disharmony. Please dear Father, allow our love light to shine and for each of us to be a beacon in the darkness for one another. We are lost, allow us to find each other once again. Please Dear Lord let us see past the imperfections and complications. We are meant to be together, to hold each other up, and together to hold you up above all. I pray that he may see my true heart and believe that what I tell him is true. I love him and I am a true and faithful Christian. I believe that you are listening and will provide me with solace and guidance. That you are the only one who can put love back in his heart and show him how beautiful things are in your light. In your name I pray- Amen.