prayer for clarity for broken heart

Lord please give me clarity and strength. I finally found my soulmate 4 months ago. Someone who fills my heart and makes me feel whole. For the first time I have loved unconditionally and opened myself up and trusted someone with all of my heart.

They were ending a long term relationship and starting what I felt was a new one with me. 4 days ago they found that they were pregnant with their prior partner’s child. And although that hurts so much, I could look beyond and find love in my heart for them and this gift from you lord. I have been supportive even when my own heart was broken. I have been pushed away.

Today I was told that they love the child’s father and that they always have. This has broken my heart and my spirit. Lord please come into my heart. Give me strength and clarity as to your plan for me. I have suffered so much pain and abandonment in my life. Please bring my soulmate back to me.

Please show me her true feelings and whether I am loved. I place my faith in your hands and give myself to you lord willingly and unconditionally. Please show me the truth and the way. Amen

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