Prayer for Clarity, Courage and Determination/Quest for New Employment

by DB (Chicago)

St. Joseph and St. Cajetan please lend your wisdom in my quest for employment.

Finetune my resourcefulness to find work that I love, and that has value.
Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect
And cooperation, in a safe and happy environment.
Clear the path to fulfillment, abundance and prosperity both mentally
and financially.

Bless me with vision to seek out new and unknown opportunities.
Calmness, patience and strength to keep my motivations high during this journey.
Determination to keep moving forward to do my part in this search.

Clarity, wisdom and courage for myself and all employers in my path.
My opportunities are boundless and ever at hand.
Even now, the right place of employment is seeking me.
Humbled by endless gratitude,
The perfect place for me is being revealed.
May all roads ahead of me be opened.

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