Prayer for Christ to Open My Girlfriend’s Eyes

by Cody (Diamond Bar, CA, USA)

Dear Father in Heaven,

I humble myself and come before you in prayer.

My girlfriend has been hurting for quite a long time. She has been dealing with her sister’s passing, and now hunting for a job in the sciences. I really feel bad for her suffering so much hurt. I’ve shared parts of the gospel to her and she gets upset and blames you father, for all the bad things in her life. It really pains me that she is in this way.

Father, I pray in boldness that you will open her heart and the spirit will convict her and then heal her of all her heart like only you Lord can! Lord, pierce her heart with the truth in these last days, if it be in your will, whether I’m here or not, let her see and feel your love as she has never felt love before.
I would love to see this beautiful person in Heaven and with a happy frame of mind and a clear conscience. Please father, if it is in your will, I pray she comes to know you.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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