Prayer for Child’s Marriage

Dearest Father, I come before you with a heavy mother’s heart. I pray for my daughter and her husband. You know the stress they carry every day and the hurts that they have bestowed on each other. You know that he has given up and that she no longer cares what he does because she has carried the burden of this troubled marriage too long. However, I know my God.

I know the miraculous is possible. I know that You hear my prayers, spoken & unspoken. I pray, Father, that you heal the brokenness inside each of them. You heal the past hurts that each carry and brought into this relationship. You give them Your heart for each other. You protect the children. I pray that the Holy Spirit presents Himself to her husband in a new and precious way. I pray that he can no longer deny You as a loving and forgiving Father. Lord, I thank You for being omnipresent that I can come before You with every supplication. I love You and thank and praise You in advance for the work You will do on behalf of my daughter, her husband and her precious children. In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe. Amen.

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