Prayer for Child to “catch up” in school

by Cheryl (Walton, KY USA)

Dear God,

I pray that you will help Daniel to understand what is being taught to him and that he will catch up and move on to first grade. Let him mature enough to be able to concentrate and learn. Please, just let him be an active little boy….no ADHD. As you know, he is the youngest of 7, none of which have had any problems with learning. I don’t want for him to dislike school because he feels like he’s not as good or as smart as the others.

Dear Heavenly Father, give him what he needs to be successful and never give up! Let him soar ahead and surprise many, and at the end of the school year, let him be ready for 1st grade!

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  1. Prayer for Child to "catch up" in school

    Like u,i also have a daughter who is discouraged in going to school because of: she can’t easily understand her lessons well,she is a shy type that she didn’t like to be with her classmates.I am sad coz of her status but pls.we as a parent,will encourage and always trust and pray to God to help our child pass all the subjects and move on to the next step.

  2. i understand

    my child is in the kinder. as well and doesnt want to go to school either, he is at a slower pace then the other children, but i sit down with him and explain that there is nothing wrong with being at a slower pace then the others you will learn on ur own pace, i just keep trying with him every child has their own pace and we should not rush them, for they will catch up and nomatter what they are smart, god takes care of his children,

  3. Same issue

    my son struggled in kinder last year was promoted to 1st grade. He’s already telling me he doesn’t want to go to school this new school year 2012-2013. I pray that god give him the knowledge and will to want to learn.

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