Prayer for changes in all areas of my life

by Airin (Uganda)

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I know that even as I come to you with a number of requests you are probably shaking your head going like, “This child of mine is such trouble!”

I come to you Lord to pray for a change in my life. I recently applied for a job and have had two interviews with Executive Management from the organisation. It’s been a few days now and I haven’t heard from them. Please give me a sign as to whether I will be provided the job or not. As you are aware, I had already stopped applying to other organisations as I thought, or should I say, was overly confident about this one (Not too sure where the line of faith in the Lord starts and where it stops). This is a job where I will be able to expand my horizons, think outside the box and I believe, put in my all for the fulfilment of my goals and those of the organisation. Please do show me a sign of sorts on whether I do have the job or not. I am at my wits end and as you saw me today…a tad bit depressed concerning the job search.

Again, as you are aware Lord, I would like to start divorce proceedings and I would like them to go peacefully on the side of either party. i.e the Ex and I.. Please guide us everyday to be able to do the right thing and follow the right procedures during this process.

Please do provide me with a job that will give me a good salary to be able to provide for my family, pay rent and still be able to save some funds for the house that I am building. Let no one come and take away my land nor what I have done so far on my site.

In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and saviour I pray, Ameeenn!!

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