Prayer for change of mind

Please help me in this urgent need. I am desperate for God’s help. I had prayed to every saint. Attended every Novena in church for six months asking to send the person in my life to whom I should get married. I prayed night and day for it for six months. There was not one day when I didnt cry in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Finally my prayers were answered and I got engaged. Now after six months my fiance has suddenly said that he does not want to marry me saying that he is not ready for a married life. He is too scared to take it up. he is not understanding what married life will be. I am very depressed. He says even God has no power to change his mind. I am still very confident that God will help me and he will change my fiance’s mind only on the basis that when I was going through the toughest phase in my life God came and rescued me. I still feel that God sent the right person seeing me struggling.

Please intercede to Jesus to change my fiance ‘s mind.If he was not the right person God would have let me struggled for another few days instead of sending the wrong person in my life. My family and his family has given up hope. But I trust in the lord because I trust in the Lord because I feel that my faith in him will win.

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  1. Happiness

    I feel that you are defiantly on the right path by seeking God for your desires and also for healing and restoration of what needs mending. You want your relationship to be mended & restored back to happiness & God is the only one who can do this. If you are a God fearing woman then you know that God does have the power to do anything but He is only going to do what is best for you. Your situation is full of many factors but God is still the answer & we can only pray for your desires to come true. Marriage isn’t something to rush into or push anybody into & you are correct that God does answer prayers & sends His blessing for marriage. I ask you to not be depressed any longer & affect yourself but to trust in God & seek answers from Him. Allow God to be your comforter & let Him counsel you on your situation. Your confidence in God is awesome & you should keep it because the relationship that you have with God out weighs any other relationship that you will ever have. I will pray to Jesus Christ to do His will for you & to make you aware of His will but I can not intercede to Jesus to change your fiance ‘s mind. I will pray for your happiness, strength, for you to get married to a man that loves you unconditionally, for you to have a man that loves & understands God, for your longevity of life, hope for both of your families, & for your fiance to know that God does have the power to change the mind of anyone if He chooses to. 

    Dear Lord, I come to You Prayer seeking Your love and compassion. I ask You Lord to allow this young lady to be restored in her spirit. I ask You to allow her to not feel depressed & to feel hopeful of Your grace. I ask You to speak to her clearly & let her know Your will for her life. I ask You to bring her happiness through Your interventions. Lord she has prayed to You for a husband & she has met a man that she feels is the one for her & I ask You Lord to restore this relationship if it is Your will or to send her the man of her prayers. I pray that the man that she is meant for her treats her with respect, loves her unconditionally, worships God as a family unit, & that he knows the true power of The Father, Son, & the Holy Spirit. I pray that she has a long lasting life with happiness & true obedience to You Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and say Amen.

  2. Trust

    I will most definitely keep you in my prayers! For your peace of heart and mind, for your fiance, and for your future spouse. If I may, I would advise you ti keep your trust in God. Whether or not this man is intended to be your husband, God knows the desires of your heart, for he placed them there. Therefore, He will satisfy and provide for you whatever it is He knows you need. When it gets tough, please remember this excerpt, from Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    God Bless, and continue to pray, especially when it’s difficult.
    I will be praying for you!

  3. Faith

    Good morning I will pray for you this morning
    Maybe God had to send you this person
    Before the right person comes and you will
    Recognize him and learn from this experience
    And your marriage will last as mine has for. 35
    Years marriage is difficult
    Please go to church each Sunday do not ask
    God to change someone’s mind only ask
    God to guide you and let his will be done

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