Prayer for challenges at the workplace

by Ignatia (Indonesia)

Dear Father in heaven,

Thank you for this new job that you have given me. For this job and this salary, now i can save up faster to sent my parents to lourdes. For this job that you have given me, i can take care of my retired parents.

I am very grateful for the blessing that you have bestowed upon me God, especially for the good health of my parents.

God, this new job brings many challenges that I have never encountered before. However, I am trying really hard to keep up. I am working 12hours a day so that i can keep up and i am trying very hard despite my fatigue. I have make stupid mistakes along the way and i am very afraid to do so. I felt that i have been ridiculed, smirked at and told at that i make these stupid mistake…

God, as much as i am grateful for this job, i feel ashamed to complain about the hardship that i am facing at this office to you. Especially when you have been so kind for giving me this opportunity. I’m trying really hard to keep up and i hope that i can. I want to make you proud.

God, as i lay awake at nights, unable to sleep just thinking abt work or as i dream abt work, work and more work, i hope that you can help me to get a peace of mind so that I can think clearer. I don’t want this job to overtake the priorities that I have in life nor do I want these work to take over my peace of mind.

Only you are able to calm my trouble mind God and for this, I am thankful that I have you to look for in these situation.


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