Prayer for certain family members

by Taneisha (Chicago)

Lord I ask that you let certain family members to stop acting funny, phony, or like I be irritating or bothering them, deandre, siarra, my grandmother, and other family members can’t say every name, but let my family to start listening and understanding things about me and to stop acting funny and only want to be bothered with me when they feel like it..

let me to not hold grudge on those that makes me upset let them to see and understand that they are hurting my feelings. Let me to not keep having arguments with them, my grandma, siarra or deandre, or my mother or Tia.let us to get close and have better conversations.. And lord Jesus I ask if you would please let me and my GMA to start getting alone and having better understanding with each other and for her to stop being so not clean and lazy.,in Jesus name Amen

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