Prayer for Carlene

by Robin (Vegas)

God, please put your loving arms around Carly…just snuggle in with her as she lays in that hospital bed and help her understand what is going on inside of her beautiful body that was magnificently made by your hands.

May your presence bring healing love and light to her mind body soul so that she can heal and return home halthy happy and free to bring the love that she shares so darly to her family and freinds. Please stay by her side and comfort hher through this time, releasing any and all fears that she may have so that her immune system can heal her internal systems so that she may be restored to the pure light that she is.

Keep us ever mindful of Your loving presence
Bless us with Your powerful healing and comfort us also.
Thank You for hearing our prayer!
In the name of Your Holy Son Jesus Christ. Amen!
I love you…even though you know it already …we all do (-:

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