Prayer for career, love, and conversion

by Lee (Singapore)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Hear my petition through the intercessions of the Virgin Mary and St Jude.

I ask for your blessings upon me and my partner, that we may always build and strength our relationship – a blessing from you Lord – with Love, Patience, Understanding, Forgiveness and Trust. May we always be each other’s support, life partner, best friend in good times, and bad.

I ask for your guidance in our job hunt. Guide him to find a job that suits him well, and let there be good job offers coming his way. Grant him patience and resilience in his heart, and let there be hope. Give me the strength to be the partner in life, and support him in his decisions and dreams. Help me to rejoice in what makes him happy.

Look over me as well, as I am doing my own job hunt, let me get job offers that you will me to have, and guide me in my preparations and interviews to make me a strong candidate.

Lastly, I pray for my partner’s desire to come to the Catholic faith. Give him the wish to grow spiritually under the Catholic church, and get to know you Lord, better with the prayers of all the angels and saints, and the Virgin Mary. Reach out to him and his heart, such that his conversion to the Catholic faith will be possible. Bless and guide me with patience and wisdom, in bringing him to the Catholic Church as well.

This I ask through the intercessions of St Jude, and the Virgin Mary. Amen.

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