Prayer for Business People

(Pretoria, South Africa)

Father God we come to You, this morning declaring You, are Lord, over every business man and women! Thank You, Lord, that You, Teach Your Business People to profit. Thank You, Jesus, that You, lead them by Your Spirit continuously, and You fill them with wisdom and knowledge to do what You have called them to do! Thank You, Lord, they discern between light and darkness. Lord, we bless You, for revealing Yourself to them as they take courage to continuously putting their feet on the water and walking with You, putting their nets of financial ability in the deep waters on your instruction. Lord God we pray that You, open their gates of business and let clients, work and contracts come from each corner of our country. Lord, we pray open the door of the nations to them and let the wealth of the nations come to them. Lord we thank You for a double portion of blessing on Your Business People thank You Lord that You prepare them for the five portion Benjamin favour and anointing. Thank You Lord that Your hand is in the nest of the wealth of the enemy and You are distributing it to Your people. Father God we pray that Your Business People will continually seek Your face as You move Your Hand over them with blessing! Thank You Lord that the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit continuously break and destroy the yokes and bondages over our Economy through those whom You chose to bring about a turnaround in our nation and the nations of the world. Strengthen the Business People Lord and let them know by Your Spirit that they are mighty vessels in the Hand of God as You sharpen them as arrows coming forth from Your quiver to hit every form of poverty right on target. Thank You Lord that they are covered by Your Righteous Right Hand. They are strategically placed in this time and season. Thank You Lord that they are the sheep of Your pasture hearing the voice of the Shepherd. Thank You, Lord, for their anointing that is released on the Body of Christ, and as we pray and intercede for Your Business People we know Lord that promotions will come, increases will come, the favour will come, and all of our lives will be touched and changed. Like the Joseph’s they will make a difference, our countries will be blessed by the hope and future God released to all because of those whom He increase in anointing in this time and season! LORD, we give YOU praise! LORD bless and touch YOUR Business People with COURAGE and strength to run this race like athletes that are running it to win for Your Glory displayed over our nation in Jesus Name. Amen!