Prayer for Burial at Sea of Seafarer or Airman

by Rev Kevin C O'dunn (Tampa, Florida)

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Heavenly Father, You created the oceans and the sky and have blessed us — who live upon Your earth, with the power to sail the sea and soar in your heavens. Those called to ships and flight, are rare among Your sons and daughters, their risks are many and their sacrifices of home and hearth are well known. But the blessings they receive are far beyond earthly comfort; for within their risks is the true witness of Your profound perfection, — No matter how high the winds, no matter how steep the seas, Your divine hand is present and the wisdom of Your guidance crafts our souls.

Today Dear Father we have ventured aboard the (Insert Name of Vessel) _______________ and now drift above the amazing and ordered wilderness of the (insert body of water) ________________ to return one of Your favored sons/daughters, (Name of deceased) __________, to you. (First Name) _______ was born of Mother just as Your Son Jesus was born of Mary. _________ lived a life of (Lifes work) ____________ and bore witness to Your most magnificent secrets and now Greg has chosen to rest with You in the fluid of Earths womb.

(The ashes are released)

Dear God, restore confidence and laughter to this family and these friends and let them celebrate the life they shared with (First name) __________. And let us all take comfort in the sacrifice, made for us by You, through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Service written by
Captain KC ODunn, ULC
Ordained Minister of Universal Life
Aboard the Research Vessel Suncoaster,
Florida Institute of Oceanography

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  1. for family

    This service is beautiful, I am doing the funeral for my cousin and he is to be buried in the Great Lakes and I needed a service for him since we do not have one that is as well written and meaningful for the family. Many thanks for putting this out there for all of us to use in the comfort of our Lord and in the meaningful prayers offered.

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