Prayer for Bullies neighbors

by Barbara (Georgetown Tx,USA)

Asking prayer for neighbors Donald Arceneaux to stop trying to provoke me. He is taking pictures of my trees in back yard, this is childish. I caught him taking picture to turn me into Home Owner Associate but Mr. Arceneaux doesn’t know I already got approved from HOA. He and his wife was looking in my yard and taking pictures. I try to be cordial towards them but they are unreceptive towards me and other neighbors in the neighborhood. I just want peace and don’t understand why a 65 year old man want to provoke me and others in the neighborhood. I was so angry I stood in my back porch praying for him and his wife, name Audrey Arceneaux , pray that God steps in quick, to cause this man and wife to leave me and my property along. No one should have to be bullie.