Prayer for Buisness in Financial Trouble

by AM (NM)

Hevenly Father hear my prayers. I am employed with a business who is in great need of your assistance. I ask that you please bless this business and it employees and owners, forgive them for all thier bitterness and help them see that we need to work as a team to keep this business going.

Help us work together, give us guidance, patients and understanding, give our bosses compassion, guidance and patients. Please come into our lives to keep our hearts pure and sincere, to bless us all with the spirit of cooperation, to resist all greed and dishonest temptation, So that we may serve our own as graciously as You serve us.

Hear our prayer, oh Lord, so that our business reap may the right profit and protect the jobs of those of us that are employed here. So we may provide for our families.

Thank you Hevenly Father, I leave all my worries, concerns and prayers in you hands, I know you will do what you see is best for all of us. I ask you in the name of your son Jesus Christ.


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