Prayer for broken relationship

by Michael Gallardo ()

Dear Holy Spirit
First I would like to thank you for being fruitful in my life. I thank you for all the good you have brought upon me. I come to you as humble, open heart to fill me with your Spirit. I’m dealing with a broken heart. I’m not perfect, I have committed plenty of sin. My former girlfriend Jenny has decided to end our relationship. I have caused her so much pain, anxiety, and tears. I never meant to hurt her in any way. We where together for 5 years and till this day I still would love to Marry her. I have been trying really hard to change my ways and provide the love language she speaks. I was doing a good job I think until our last argument. I’ve cried every night for the past two weeks and I have been praying and reading my Bible. I need your help Holy Spirit almighty God! I please ask you to restore the broken the relationship with your daughter Jenny, I miss my step kids Leilani and Ethan. My heart and soul cries out for them every night! I pray you can restore the love we have for one another. Like your word says, keep asking keep asking and you shall receive, keep knocking keep knocking and the door shall open. Holy Spirit, father God I keep knocking knocking I keep asking I keep asking but I don’t know if you hear me? I don’t know if you see my tears every night when I go to sleep. Please father God, I’m willing to do anything and everything to restore my relationship with my family! I ask for your help
Your son Michael Gallardo

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