Prayer for bringing harmony to my marriage

Dear Lord, please help my marriage which is in turmoil now. Please help my husband to understand the love I have for him and treasure the covenant we made before you when we proclaim the marriage vows. Lord I ask that you may help him see through the anger and pain that was brought by the conflict between us. I ask you Lord that you make him realize it is the devil work which make him dwell in the anger and disappointment. I cast all the evil work of Satan that is working on him and gave him no hope on this marriage. Lord I pray that he may see you through this difficult time and your words guide him towards this difficult time. God I thank you for revealing to me the power of forgiveness and trust in you. I pray that my husband could see that and forgive me for all the wrong thing I have done to him. I ask you Lord to intervene the situation and bring back the peace, harmony and love we once had for each other. Let the first love we experience the day we see other burn into our hearts hence bring back the good memories that we shared together once. Lord I pray that you may heal my husband wounds and give him peace of mind. I pray that what we have gone through should teach us not to take each other for granted but to strengthen our love and serve you God almighty. I trust in you Lord that you will restore my marriage and bring back the peace and harmony we once had.

In Jesus name I pray and believe that it will happen. Amen.

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