Prayer for bring back my life partner

by Badges (Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Lord our God, you know our heart and feelings which are today. I pray to you to please bring back my life partner as soon as possible as me and my child need her. Lord Jesus Christ as a child you can understand how much my child needs his mother as you needed mother Mary. Please make her understand our love and importance in life. You know lord Jesus Christ after she going what problems we are facing today and how much she is needed here. Please forgive our sins if we have hurt her. Wherever she is guide her and take care of her. Make her realise the importance of family life, child and husband.Remove all misunderstanding about us which she is having. Don’t let her do any wrong as she has just been baptise and taken her first communion which is your holy body. Let Holy Spirit come upon all of us and unite us back again. Please make her understand right and wrongs of this world. My child who is praying for his mother daily, please listen to his prayer and show your miracle to us. Please bring her back to us and never let her go away again in life leaving us. Help us to lead a good life as per you. Remove all negative power from all of us and fill us with your love and holy spirit. Fill our heart and soul with your holy words. Please listen to our prayer, thy will be done. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.