Prayer for Bridging the Gap Created by Other Family Members

Dear Lord,

I pray that you please bridge the gap between my husband and I created mainly by his family’s disapproval and unacceptance of me into the family. I pray that my husband finally sees the kids and I as his family and puts us higher up on his priority list and defends us as we are constantly attacked by his family.

I pray that they stop trying to convince him to leave me and stop trying to get him in contact w other women. We didn’t used to be where we are now Lord. We used to be able to communicate and he used to make us a priority in his life. Now, the kids and I have become an option and his family takes priority and what he refers to as his home is the home he shared w his parents and sister.

I pray that you help him to realize us as his family and give us the importance in his life and respect that he gives his parents and sister. I hope his parents and sister’s I’ll behavior towards me stops but more importantly that my husband stops allowing me to be persecuted and letting it affect our marriage and how he treats the kids and I.

It’s in Jesus’s precious and Holy name that I pray these prayers.

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