Prayer for Breakthrough, Release and Restoration In Jesus Name

by Robin (Chicago)

Amen Father thank you in Jesus Name for breakthrough, release and restoration, I thank you for the $5.000 needed to pay my cleaning service equipment. I thank you that you are the God of more than enough much more than anything I can think or ask.

Father in your word you assure me that whatever I ask in prayer shall be granted, all of my needs shall be met according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus my Lord. You also instruct me to be prayerful & thankful of all things being anxious for nothing.

So Father my God I stand firm on your word for you can not lie and your word cannot return void. I am thanking you Father God by the Blood of Christ Jesus, to supply my needs and make those who owe me pay. I am in dire need of my money Lord and have worked hard for EPI to earn this money; Lord you know I even got sick cleaning cars in the bitter cold wet weather.

It’s not enough Lord but it’s mine and I need it. I am trusting you Lord to provide what’s due to me and make away for me to come up with the rest. I trust you Lord, and I know every word that proceeds from your mouth are words of life and truth.

I am her now at the foot of your Thrown asking for $5.000 to do what needs to be done, I thank you Lord Jesus for answering and hearing me and supplying all of my needs. In Jesus Name I thank you Lord my God, Amen