Prayer for Breakthrough for Exams for University

by Angela (England)

Dear heavenly father,

you are aware of my situation of how I need my final grades to be exceedingly higher than Cs in order for me to get into Essex University. I know you have purposely place a calling on my life to be an English teacher and to rmake a difference in childrens lives.

However it seems I lack motivation; the college teachers believe it is a difficult task for me to even achieve. Instead they congratulate me for having hope. Father please help me with a breakthrough with the upcoming exams. I know I can do it through you, yet the fear of having three different history exams to complete such as Vietnam, Britain and Russia is causing me to stumble. It seems like the biggest obstacle. I know nothing impossible for you lord.

So Please father help me with this breakthrough, I have just recently become a Christian and if I move away to go for a different university it will be difficult for me to have access to my church, my Christian family and my biological family. I thank you for giving me a new life and turning me into someone new away from sins and things that have hurt your heart father.

I thank you Abba for giving love and providing for all my needs. Please father bring breakthrough into my life and thank you for your Holy Spirit of which dwells in all of your people which unites us together and may your word continue to flourish through all of man and righteousness prevail.
In Jesus name Amen