Prayer for Breaking Satan Tricks in a Marriage and its Restoration

by Connie (Tampa, Florida, USA)

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Heavenly Father:

You brought them together, you have watched over them during hardships and difficulties, you have brought them closer to You and to each other, you have blessed them with three beautiful daughters, you have blessed the husband with a great job, you have surrendered them with godly loving family members and friends, you have given them health, and many, many more riches than I can count.

The enemy envious of so many blessings wants to come in between husband and wife trying to bring separation, gambling addictions, and unfaithfulness. Satan is trying to take this couple away from the ministry they have been called to. He wants to destroy everything Your Grace has given them.

I cry out to You Lord to render useless all these tricks and many others Satan intends to bring in this marriage. I cry out to You Lord Jesus Christ for restoration, transformation, discernment, wisdom, forgiveness, and love. You are the Healer who mends deep wounds and Restores lives in the blink of an eye. I cry out to you to restore the fire and passion for your kingdom so many lives continue to be touched by this couple. Holy Spirit: Give them conviction, humility, and repentance. Lead and guide them every step of the way. For this new beginning in The United States of America, I cry out to you asking that You open the doors need open. Close the doors need to be closed. Grant them uncommon favor, surround them with Godly people, and rekindle the passion for You and for each other.

Lord, one day in Your house is like thousands elsewhere. Come swiftly to help them to take full control of their family lives in a way that they are driven by Your Word, not be the temptations of this world. Your Promises are Yes and Amen. I cover them with the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and I trust in Your Faithfulness, in Your Healing Promises, and in Your Salvation. Thank you Favor and Direction.

In Jesus’ Holy Name, I pray.

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