prayer for breaking of manipulative spirit and deceptio. God will exposed the wickedness in Jesus Name

by Naomi (philippines)

I have been with my 3 year long distance relationship and my boyfriend is a pastor’s son. we both worked hard for our relationship to work out and yes we do have plans to be with each other again and so i plan to follow him in the united states. it all ended when he cheated on me but not with a girl but with a gay, it’s so devasting for me and i as a christian, i told her aunte about it to talk to him because i cannot handle him anymore and instead i broke up with him. i was thinking that after telling her aunt who is really close to me would help me to stop their madness but what happened was they did not believe me instead the gay and my boyfriend twisted the story and manipulated his aunt by ofcourse with the help of the gay boyfriend in explaining about it, to which also are they living in my boyfriend’s uncle, working at his uncle’s company. They say things that i was only lying and tell things that has caused even the issue worst. they say that I was paranoid, that i’m only making the story, his uncle & aunt have turned against me. I love my boyfriend and why would i make stories and i have proofs but they wouldn’t listen to me at all, in my spirit i know and i am confirmed that what i did and say was true, we do have dicernment but they ignored me and that what breaks my heart. i tought they are Christians but what they did was just a cover up i believe. but i will not stop praying for the evil to be exposed and the truth will reign. what i am to them now is a lier, a deciever, making stories etc and it had turned everything against me. it was hard for me because his parents are our pastor here in the philippines and i stopped going to their church because of that reason, they are accusing me without even asking me of my side, of why i said all those things. help me pray that the spirit of manipulation will break by the blood of Jesus Christ, and that I could go on with my life, it was really hard for me coz we both plan of settling down and i just so miss him and want to see him but guess he is not the one. I also need some advice so please please. make a comment and whatever the dealing of the Lord upon reading this, please do tell me coz i cannot tell it to anyone about it, i feel shy and i am not confident of my struggle right now. thanks a lot and God bless.

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