Prayer for boyfriend’s career choice

by Becky (Grand Rapids)

Heavenly Father, I pray for my boyfriend who has been struggling with choosing a major/career. He struggles because he knows what he wants to do some day but doesn’t know how to go about doing it. He has already attempted to do different majors and has become frustrated. Please help him, Lord. Please help me to not push him or get in the way of his dreams.

Please help him to see what he needs and wants to do. I pray that he can find something that can get him closer to what he wants to do. I pray that you can help me to support him and be open to what he wants. I pray it be Your will that we can continue this relationship with open communication, support, and love.

I pray that no matter which course he takes he can be happy and that we can continue on the same path together through life. I pray that his parents as well as mine can learn to accept his decisions and that he can find something that will help him work toward his dreams.
Thank you Lord for everything!

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