Prayer for both of us to live together

by Mrs Janaki Alex Santhana (God Heart)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for all your blessing upon us’ Please bless my relationship with Alex Santhana’ to stay longer together. Make both of us be respect n love with each n other’ Make him to realize my love and the truth that i can’t live without him. Please touch my partner Alex heart risen him from all the negative thought in his mind, I seek for your mercy and bless that may you allow us to spend the rest of our life with each n other as a husband and wife,

Every time he will react something different from others’ try to avoid me without reason’ Love me with all his heart, i cant understand whats going on in our life, but I pass all my prayer to you’ Please Father bless our relationship’ to stay forever n ever, Make us to remind our first love that grow between us’ the true love he share to me’

Until that i will in fasting’ I know every thing i do must be watched by you. I know u the only one could understand the pain n hurt in deep on me. I pray in Jesus Holy Name’ Amen ..

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