Prayer for both of my sons happiness

by Lauren (USA)

Dear St. Jude

I have two wonderful sons who both work so hard and receive so little in return. They are good but each have their own faults as humans do. They both deserve to be loved and respected in their positions in life. My son have yet to meet their special person to spend the rest of their lives with.

I know my sons will respect the woman of their choice and love her and be loyal. Please help them find this woman; please. My 2nd request is for them to receive the jobs in life that they deserve. They both work so hard and both put in more than their share of work for their jobs. But they do not receive back support..

please help this to happen. I am not asking for anything that they do not deserve.. as they are both honest and hard working. Please St. Jude can you help them each to find a special wife.. and be noticed in their jobs. Thank you so much.. so very very much.