Prayer for blood test results.

by Dawn (USA)

Dear Lord and all saints, I have prayed to you for over 2 years for negative blood tests results, and you have answered my prayers. I, once again, have to take another blood test today and I am praying that not only are the blood test results negative, but that they are very, very low numbers (.14 or less for both IgG test results and less than .50 for the IgM.)

You know what I have been dealing with and this has been a nightmare for me. My body is not mine any more, it has been taken over by something and I am tired of Drs. looking at the past and not the future. I pray to you that my blood tests be negative and that this is conclusive proof that I do not have this.

I also pray that the Western Blot I will be doing in a few months will also be negative as well as all PCR swabs I will be doing. Please help the Drs. find out what is plaguing me. Thank you Lord, Jesus and all saints