Prayer for Blessings with a New Job

by Jairos (Pretoria)

Heavenly father,you know how difficult it is in this situation where my contract and that of a colleague ,Mr Chireshe,have not been renewed this year.You know how difficult it is to live without jobs in this world.Yes,I might have misused my financial resources before but here am I Lord,bless me with a job t hazt I will be happy in,a job that will assist me to play my role as a breadwinner in the family. My son Modercai is doing well in school,so I pray that you help me with resources so that he can fully realise his academic potential. As for Mr Chireshe help him so that he gets something quickly so that he can also take care of his family.In your holy word ,oh Jehovah,you said ask and it will be given,knock and the Dior will be open: for no father will give his son a stone when he ask for bread.