Prayer for Blessings For A Baby

by Martha (South Africa)

In the Name of the Almighty Jesus, I ask you lord that you Bless me and my husband with another child. I got married again with two kids to a wonderful, loving and a caring man. He loves my kids so much and support them emotionally, spiritually and financially and we would like to be blessed with atleast two more children.

Please God have mercy on us. My husband has a child with another woman before he met me and this woman doesnt want him to visit the child or collect him.

He loves children so much. I pray that God answer my prayers so that I bear more kids for him.

I was diagnosed with bileteral cornual block, meaning my fallopian tubes are bloccked. God please open my tubes and bless my Womb so that I get Pregnant. I do not want to go for surgery now and I fear the pain, Please God Intervene…do miracles for us by opening my tubes without operation. In Jesus name, I believe in you….Amen!!!