Prayer for Blessings and Prosperity in My Business

by Thandiwe (South Africa)

Father in the mighty name of Jesus , I hereby bring my business to your table , father I pray that you bless the work of my hands, father I pray that you prosper every endeavour in my business.

Lord I pray for favor for my business from all clients I meet, father I pray that you bless my clients so that they can be a blessing in my business by paying for my services.

Lord God I pray for success in my business and I pray Father that you lead me and guide me in my business and give me wisdom to be at a right place at the right time , father I pray to help me not to enter into contracts which will be fruitless expenditure.

And father let my business represent you at all times, and father let the be abundance of finance , let there be no lack in my business and at the same time let me be able to be the financier of your word and be a blessing to my church in Jesus mighty name I pray.

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