Prayer for blessings and other things

by Audrey (SA)

Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you so much for your blessings and answering my Prayers. Please Lord do not leave my side, be with me, my husband and our children all the time.

Please My Lord, bless me and my husband with a Healthy, beautiful, handsome Baby Boy. Lord, please bless our finances so that we can build a home for our children, I thank you lord for giving us the means to buy a land without borrowing money from the bank. Bless my marriage lord, protect us from all evil and keep us safe.

Lord my mother is lonely, bless her with peace, happiness and love, she needs that, she hasn’t been totally happy, please intervene and give her a man that will love her and protect her, a man that fears God. In Jesus name, I thank you for everything that we have, thank you for life we have and please Lord, increase the days and years of our lives..for me, my husband, my kids, my mother and sister….the whole family and their kids and everyone that reads this message…

Please bless my husband’s business so that it grows and makes money and please bless my job as well so that i get promoted….. Jesus Christ please bless my kids so that they pass their Exams and go to the next grade……I LOVE YOU GOD, AMEN!