Prayer for Blessing of the reconciliation of our friendship & love for each other to be married to each other


Father, You know who I am & the friendship I speak of now. You brought us together in answer to my prayer to You. Do not allow anyone to come between us anymore. Remove from his life the current woman who has come between us & controlling his actions & mind.

She is trouble for him. He & I have had our differences recently but with You blessing & the protection of the blood of Jesus & Your guidance our relationship can be restored & we can be renewed to be better than ever with each other,

Remove the woman who is coming between us & causing distance in our relationship & guide her back to the man she married & said was the love of her life, You brought them together so let them be together & the man you brought to me & I can be together.

You know all Father & You know the desires of my heart & Your plans for all of us. May Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen

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