Prayer for Blessing of Finances

by Anthony (Montgomery, Al.)

Heavenly Father,

I come before You as humbly as I know how thanking You for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon me, thanking You for my ups and downs, my comings and goings, my good and bad. Lord I just thank You right now for my health and strength, for my family, friends, and I ask You to bless them in a very special way. Lord I also ask You bless my enemies if I have them and remove any animosity they may towards me.
Lord I come to You in a general sense today because I was laid off my job in september of last year and not been able to find suitable employment, I work this department for almost 25 years and had to be released because of budget cuts, Im not bitter or resentful but I am somewhat confused on why this happened and I continue have faith in your permissible will. I come to You in a more specific sense asking for a financial blessing because now Im beginning to struggle, You promised me in Your Word that I would not beg for bread. Thank you Lord, I have faith that you will bless me, in Jesus name I pray, A-men.

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