Prayer for Blessing and help for my son

by Ann (North Carolia)

My son Michael is a nursing student in an LPN program. His last exam in the program is this coming Tuesday, August 6.

Michael is amazingly empathetic, he’s already been offered a permanent full-time job in a residential NC State hospital that cares for extreme cases of psychiatric disorders, multi- and dual-diagnosis cases, and Alzheimer’s patients. He is also learning disabled and has worked hard to get here. Please pray for his success on Tuesday.

I want to thank St. Jude, St. Andrew, the Blessed Mother, and the Holy Trinity for answering my prayers about Michael’s final chapter test in his last course. I praise and thank God for caring for Michael during that test. I am so grateful and so full of awe.

Success on this exam will allow Michael to graduate on Thursday, to be pinned as an LPN – I trust my son Michael the care of God, His Blessed Mother Mary, and to Saints, especially St. Jude and St. Andrew. Thank you.