Prayer for better work environment

St. Jude,

I am very stressed at work because of the responsibility and because of my supervisors that mistreat me. I know that I am mistreated because of the way I talk to them. I am not kind neither. I am unkind and disrespectful and when someone is unkind or disrespecful to me, I don’t like it. I need my job, but if there is another job that will pay similar to what I am earning and is not stressful as this one, I would love to get it. I am 48 years old with two small children and a single mom. I don’t want to get a heart attack or stroke. Please I pray very hard and I ask that I may find another job immediately to get out of this stressful job. I am scared of taking my blood pressure right now because if I see it very high I will get scared. Please help me calm down immediately. I feel hot and anxious and scared. I don’t want to go to work, but I have to because I have a lot to do. I don’t want to avoid the situation. It is better if I face it. Please lead me to the right road. Thanks. I am very very scared. Do I go to work today or not? St. Jude, you have always helped me. Please help me right now? Thanks. – LLG

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