Prayer for better life for my son and grandchildren

by Fran (Pennsylvania)

my story is quite lengthy but i’ll try not to make it so long. my son is a former marine. he’s a good kid and a hard worker. however he is very insecure and has a hard time with confrontation. he has a wife who is controlling, doesn’t work, keeps a kaotic unorganized sloppy home and also is like that with a car.

we have helped them financially for 7yrs and have always been there. she doesnt do a dam thing to help my son and is really not a good partner BUT i’ve kept the peace for the sake of my two grandchildren. my son is not strong and he can’t seem to do what is right by his family for fear of being separated from his children.
However, his wife (for the last time) hurt me once again and its over my grandaughter. so, i told her off and we are now at odds.

our family has bent over backwards helping her and her family. we’ve have been very good to her and the kids.

she is never satisfied and always seems to want more. she’s very lazy and immature.

i honestly DO NOT LIKE HER and i refuse to put up with it anymore unless she apologizes and act like an adult and try to fix things.

my prayer is for my son and grandchildren. for my son to be given whatever it takes to stand up to his wife no matter what happens. he deserves better and i pray god provides him with a better life and a better partner.
i also pray my grandchildren will never be estranged from us.