Prayer for better health, happiness,and obedience to our lord jesus.

by Candina (Meadow Lake, Sk)

I’d like prayer for my family to be more healthy, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and finanically. Happines toward my commom-law marriage,I’d like to marry him. I want to be committed to him and this family that him and I built (but not without our lords blessing).

I want to be committed to our lord Jesus’ love. I’d like to live happily and sober. To release the past and work towards a better future for me, my commom-law husband and our children. Id also like to find work closer to home,whereas my commom-law husband works away from home.

I’d like to pray that he stays focused on his job and keep it. I’d like to pray for him to realize that he has a gambling problem and address it in a good positive way, to be able to have self control… Amen

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