Prayer for Better Finances and a More Comfortable Life

by Esther (LOS ANGELES)

Jesus, St. Jude all the saints. I pray desperately for Financial help , relationship help. Job is so stressful not treated with respect. I also pray for faith. I am depressed feel alone. Prayer for my children they do not suffer for my situation. I am losing my faith.

Help me wait for your favors. I am desperate financially . I pray I can forgive those who Sabatoge get me and are cruel to me show no consideration towards me. I pray that my children grow up well. I pray that my daughter does not have any complications with her type 1 diabetes .

Thank you for helping her when she was in the hospital. That it was nothing serious or fatal. Help me with my son who is behavior is testing me. Lord St Jude and all the saints help my desperately plea. Amen

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Esther

    My prayers are with you and your wonderful

    Children You are a good mother

    Please go to church each Sunday

    Jesus also needs you

    Via con Dios!

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