Prayer for better employment to pay bills on time

by Lisa (Dallas,Texas)


I first thank you for employment however at this moment it is not meeting the needs that I have. Please know that I am not complaining but asking that I receive offers for better employment where I can receive benefits, don’t have to commute so far, and where I can get paid on time and don’t have to take furlough days.

Father, I know that you will withhold no good thing from your children so I know that In praying and with others praying with me and for me in this stead that I am already blessed. I know that my prayers are already answered and that the others on this website will be answered as well.

I thank you in advance for my and all others needs being met and that you have already touched the hearts and minds of recruiters, human resource managers, and others who have the authority to employ those that are in need. In Jesus’ mighty and holy name I pray.

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