Prayer for better employment opportunities

by Rey (UAE)

Dear Lord, Today I am really feeling down and worry. because until now I am struggling with my Job. I really don’t know the status if I will be secure here and answer all my needs financially,Im really struggling and I can feel the pain everday of thinking of what’s gonna happen in my present career. and Im a tired of it.

I have sleepless nights and early dawn waking up, feeling so down and hopeless. Lord I know I have done many mistakes in my life. So Lord Please forgive me to all my sins. If you can give me a chance again to raise up and live a bit of comfortable life. Lord Im asking you to give all the chance to me now, even if this is my last card. I will grab this chance and I will make sure that I will make things right this time.

Please enlighten me. Give me hope. For the sake of my kids. Please Lord, Give me more strength and courage to face this situation and overcome it. Help me Lord..

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