Prayer for Better employment and my mate and I relationship to grow

by Crob (Louisiana)

I’m asking for Jesus Christ to allow me to find other employment. The job I have now is very stressful and my environment is not of Christ behavior. I ask God to let the opportunity happen very soon, asap.

I would like to enjoy getting up every day and going too work. Please let my salary be more than I’m making now. Let my work hours be convenient and the benefits be good. Let my employer have compassion and empathy and towardsstanding. Let there be overtime when needed for me to make extra money. Let my co-workers and I work well together. let tge customer get support and good satisfactions.

Let the gentleman I’m communicating with asks for he and I to become mates on permanent basis and become a couple. Let us keep Christ in our relationship and love and respect each other at all times whether we’re around each other or not. Let our hearts ears and hands be of each other only with God’s directing and guiding.

Let him call and text more and open up his feelings and verbally express them and show them more towards me. Allow me to receive signs and signals he sends.
Thanks you Jesus