Prayer for Ben, a little boy who has days to live.

by Mary (Buffalo, NY)

Saint Jude, please ask God to grant Ben this miracle. he is 5 years old and should not have to succumb to this horrible disease. Take away his fears. Comfort him. Shrink his tumor. Make him whole again. Bring back his strength and take away his pain. Please allow him to heal completely and live happy, healthy, and whole, here on earth, with his family for many years to come.

You have the power to intercede and ask God for his mercy on Ben, that he may have a complete miraculous turn around and become healthy once again. He is in desperate need of a true miracle, for he has only days left to live. You are the patron saint of hopeless cases, and this is truly a hopeless case.

I believe in miracles, and i believe that God will grant this one if you beg him to do so, along with the many people here on earth who are already praying for Ben with you.
I ask all of this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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