Prayer for Being Overwhelmed in This Ordeal


I am praying for comfort, wisdom, peace- I don’t even know where to start I am so overwhelmed with legal battle between 2 others that are angry, and I was called to deposition, but the parties are so negative and prepared to fight in court for years. I pray they find peace and work out their differences.

I am scared of every part of the process, that I can’t find the right words, and I fear this bitter battle will make the attorneys tear me apart. I am committed to telling the truth, but attorneys can twist words- especially when someone is so nervous and terrified as I am. I am so weak and scared.

I will continue in fasting and prayer until this ordeal is over. Please pray for a speedy resolution to this issue, I am overwhelmed day and night. I could lose my job if I miss work for this thing.

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